What is Cold 22?

Cold 22 is a mixture of High Purity Propane (R290) and Ethane (R170) (our competitors only carry Propane). This unique blend has been tested and found to achieve maximum energy savings and faster cooling in hot climates. It is a natural, non toxic, non corrosive product which is Green (0 ODP and less than 3 GWP).

Cold 22 has superior thermodynamic properties (please see below). As a result, for every 1 Kilogram of HFC and HCFC recovered from any air-conditioning unit, only 450 grams of hydrocarbon refrigerant is required for direct replenishment.

Since Cold 22 can operate at lower pressure, it allows less wear and tear on air-conditioning unit compressors.

Arena's competitive edge stems from our award winning, implementation and technical expertise.

Arena's direct drop in replacement method is able to obtain an average of 20% energy savings for its customers and does not require any alteration in the air-conditioning equipment. As a result the payback period is quicker and the investment is minimal.

Why Does Cold 22 Save Energy ?

Lower Molar Mass
The principle is that the smaller the molar mass of refrigerant molecules in a confined space, the larger is the surface area of the combined molecules. The larger the surface area, the more heat will be dissipated.

The molar mass of Cold 22 hydrocarbon refrigerant molecules is less than half of that of R22 and is thus twice the surface area in a confined space relative to R22 refrigerant. Cold 22 is therefore able to reject heat much faster at any point in time from the air-conditioning systems relative to R22 and R410a refrigerants.

Refrigerant Efficiency
How fast a refrigerant is able to transfer heat at any point in time is measured in joules per gram. Cold 22 hydrocarbon refrigerant is able to transfer heat at the rate of 367 joules per gram and is one of the most efficient natural refrigerant in the Malaysian market today.

In comparison, R22 refrigerant for example is only able transfer heat at the rate of 163 joules per gram. Cold 22 is therefore 125% more efficient as a refrigerant relative to R22 and R410a. This translates into a higher Coefficient of Performance of 4.80 for Cold 22 compared to 4.60 for R22

Cold 22 can actually enhance the life and performance of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment. Due to its excellent thermal and chemical stability, Cold 22 improves the performance and extend the service life of air conditioning systems. This reduces energy requirements and the non toxicity of Cold 22 also prevents system leakage.

The result of this increased efficiency in economical terms? Lower maintenance costs thus providing another avenue for saving money through lower operation costs.

Example of Case Study showing comparison between Cold 22 and R22:
The boiling points of R290 and R22 are similar: 42.1oC and 40.8oC respectively. The evaporating temperatures of R22 and R290 are also similar -40.8oC and -42.1oC.

In short R290 can use the same evaporator design as R22 while having a lower discharge temperature than R22 which in turn improves compressor reliability and can work at higher pressure ratios. Overall, this means an estimated 5% extension in the capacity range.

Lubricant Miscibility
The lubricant is a vital ingredient in ensuring the optimal functioning of any compressor in the air-conditioning unit. R22 refrigerant is only able to work with mineral oil. Any other oil used with R22 refrigerant will lead to compressor failure. R410a refrigerant can only work with synthetic oil.

Cold 22 hydrocarbon refrigerant is miscible with both mineral and synthetic lubricants and is therefore a "drop-in" replacement for R22 and R410a refrigerants.

What are the Financial Benefits of Switching to Cold 22?

Maximum Savings
The combination of high purity propane and ethane will ensure an average of 20% savings on your air conditioning electricity bills.

Smaller Inventory
A saving of 55% of refrigerant

Direct Drop in Replacement
Cold 22 is a perfect "Drop In" solution for systems using HCFC R 22, HFC 407, and HFC 410A etc. No modification to the air conditioning hardware is required. The conversion is easy and quick to do.

Easy To Maintain - No New Techniques
There are no new procedures or techniques to learn. The same equipment and maintenance protocols are used. The system is charged and maintained in the same manner. As a result our Client's engineers can maintain the units themselves post conversion.

Refrigerant Efficiency and Lower Maintenance Costs
Cold 22 is 125% more efficient as a refrigerant relative to R22 and actually enhances the life and performance of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment.

Cold 22 is Green
The damaging effects of HCFC's and HFC's are undeniable. While the industry has attempted to provide alternatives such as the R134A which have low ozone depleting capabilities, the Global Warming Potential (GWP) of these products are 1,300! Hydrocarbon is not only non ozone depleting, it has a less than 3 GWP.

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