Is Hydrocarbon dangerous to use in your air conditioning since it is flammable?

Absolutely not. In fact Hydrocarbon is flammable only in its classification but not in its application here. Following area parameter guidelines is all that needs to be done to secure safe use of this environmentally needed product.

Isn't R134A the same as using hydrocarbon?

Absolutely Not.R134A may not be Ozone Depleting but it has a Global Warming Potential of. Making hydrocarbon the most Green Solution. Add to the fact that Hydrocarbon will allow you to enjoy better savings than the use of R134A, Hydrocarbon Cold is your best alternative.

Cold easy to install?

Yes extremely easy. There are new techniques, and it is a direct drop in replacement so no retrofitting is required.

Is Cold more expensive that the synthetic refrigerants?

In recent years the price of synthetic refrigerants has increased in the Government's attempt to restrict the use of synthetic refrigerants to curb the damage done to the environment. The increasing price of synthetic refrigerants along with the ratio of grams needed per air conditioning unit (more synthetic refrigerant needed per unit than hydrocarbon) AND synthetic refrigerant’s inability to save you energy as well rendering your  unit more inefficient due to its toxicity all means it is more financially viable to switch to Hydrocarbon and make sure all new units also carry hydrocarbon.

Does Arena provide air conditioning units with Hydrocarbon Cold 22 per fitted into the unit?

Yes we do. In fact, you will be able to save on electricity costs from day one if your new units carry our Cold Hydrocarbon Products .

How much savings can you expect when using Cold 22?

An average of 20% savings. Your payback period will be quick.