Save an average of 20% on your air conditioning electricity bills simply by 'dropping in' our Green, Energy saving Refrigerant. Don’t just think Green, Be Green.

Since 2008, Kumpulan Arena Sdn Bhd has been at the forefront in providing clients with energy saving and green solutions for their Air Conditioning Systems in Malaysia and the ASEAN by offering a new generation of environmentally friendly natural refrigerant gases using hydrocarbons (HC). ARENA has come up with a practical, simple and cost effective solution by using Hydrocarbon Refrigerants as a “drop in” substitute for the traditional synthetic refrigerants in air conditioning systems, which not only addresses the climate change problem head on but also saves 20% of the customers Air Conditioning Electricity bills. COLD brand

COLD brand is an environmentally friendly, organic, non-toxic and non-ozone depleting hydrocarbon compound. It is a hydrocarbon refrigerant and has been endorsed by Green Peace while also being in full compliance with the UN Montreal Protocol and Kyoto Protocol.

Winners of the Frost & Sullivan Award (Service Achievement Award) “Kumpulan Arena have clearly demonstrated excellence in delivering a unique and revolutionary solution,which is aligned with a sustainable and environmentally conscious objective within the refrigerant industry.” Sheila Senathirajah,Program Manager Asia Pacific CMF Practice Frost & Sullivan