Kumpulan Arena has taken the leadership in introducing green, clean energy saving solutions for building owners and operators in Malaysia by offering a new generation of environmentally friendly natural refrigerant gases (hydrocarbon). The main driving forces for the company are its full commitment to contribute to the awareness on the negative effects of greenhouse gases emissions for Malaysia and be an actor in the national effort for the implementation of green and energy saving initiatives and technologies.

With that in mind, Arena has come up with a practical and cost effective solution to address the problem of promoting Hydrocarbon Refrigerants as a substitute for the traditional synthetic refrigerants in air conditioning. As a recognition of the work done in the field, Arena was the recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2010, at the Malaysia Green Excellence Awards for Green Refrigerants.

Arena is a Bumiputra controlled company registered with the Ministry of Finance (MOF). It has an exclusivity agreement with Chat cooling of Thailand for the COLD brand of Natural Hydrocarbon Refrigerants.

Jean-Michel MOUGIN alias Faiz Ismail Abdullah

Managing Director,

Aged 58. Living in Malaysia for the last 34 years, he was educated in France and holds an Msc in Management from top French Business School HEC Paris. His early years saw him joining the French Trade Commission in KL Malaysia (1979/ 1980) and later the Jacobs Suchard group (now part of the Kraft Group) in Paris as a product manager (1980-1982).

For the following 15 years (1983 to 1997), he was involved with the Socfin Plantation Group, a French/Belgian company which at that time owned and managed 30,000 ha of Oil Palm and Rubber with 6 factories and over 5000 personnel in Malaysia. When the group decided to divest its Malaysian assets in the late nineties, he decided to retire and embark in a new career as an entrepreneur.

Since 1998 he has been active as an equity partner in the field of new technologies mostly focusing on energy saving and green technologies. His main involvement is with Kumpulan Arena Sdn Bhd.

Aslam Khan


Age 57. Graduated in 1985 as an engineer and has been extensively involved in aircraft maintenance and repair organizations in Malaysia ( MAS) and the Middle East ( Emirates Airline).

Having attended aircraft type certification at Boeing, Airbus and GE to ensure the highest standards of maintenance at all time and accurate trouble shooting, his experience is wide and invaluable; Through his experience in Project management of rotating machinery, he is able to provide support in timely completion of projects undertaken by the company.

He is also currently attached to the Ministry of Transport of Malaysia as an inspector.

Nastassia Mougin Cottam


Aged 32, her qualifications include a Masters in Law (LLM Awarded Merit) from the University of London Intercollegiate Program (2005). She also holds a Bachelors in Law (LLB) degree from University of London External Program (year 2004) during which time she was awarded the overall highest scoring student worldwide by the University of London in the final year of the LLB (Bachelors in Law) external program.

Her initial work experience lead her to Private Investment Banking. She later founded a successful translation business for overseas market research companies under her company Simons & Spencer Sdn Bhd. She was also involved in mobile health and telemedicine company where she successfully handled some of the largest telco companies in Malaysia, government bodies, corporate clientele

She now brings all this experience into the realm of Green and Energy Saving Products continuing on her pledge to educate and correct the misconceptions of corporations on Green Technology.

Ponnudurai Rajamanikam

Chief Engineer,

Aged 68. A graduate in Bachelor’s Degree (B.E) in Electrical Engineering and Master in Science (MSc) degree in Engineering Business Management from Warwick University he is a certified Competent 1st Grade Electrical Engineer, Energy Manager and HRDB Trainer. He started his carrier as Mechanical and Electrical Engineer at Malaysian Rubber Development Corporation (MARDEC) in which he was involved in the design, procurement, installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of Standard Malaysian Rubber (SMR) factories.

Later he joined as Chief Plant Engineer Texas Instruments Malaysia (TIM) where he was in charge of installation, operation and maintenance of the plant facilities equipment systems. His tenure has led TIM to win the National Energy Award twice. He was later appointed as a member of the panel of judges for the award. His training in Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) philosophy, has enabled him to couple his experience and knowledge in implementing sustainable maintenance activity at TIM.

Upon completion of his tenure at TIM, he was appointed as the Chief Technical Advisor by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to head the RM80 million Malaysian Industrial Energy Efficient Project (MIEEIP) for five years. His core functions were to train officers in the government and private institutions in energy auditing, analyzing, identifying and implementing energy cost reduction measures in industrial sectors such as iron and steel, cement, ceramics, rubbers, wood, glass, food, pulp and paper. In addition to his involvement with Kumpulan Arena , he is currently a consultant to several Energy Services Companies. He also lectures part time in various universities in Malaysia.